This semester, students were given a choice of designing and coding one of three projects: Mario, Asteroid Defense, and Among Us. We chose these three games based on popularity from previous years and what students are playing today. Here’s a quick overview of what each game is about.

Scratch Projects

As one of three new outreach directors, I wanted to give a quick overview of the initiatives that outreach is working on this semester! As a general principle, Code Haven’s outreach team is in charge of the outwards facing tasks of Code Haven, managing our public appearance, as well as expanding our outreach with research and further opportunities. This semester, we decided to focus on four separate initiatives: teacher research, newsletter, website management, and social media. In this blog post, we will go through each of these umbrella initiatives and describe the various tasks associated with each one.

Teacher Research

How we made the most of a bizarre year and what it taught us about our future

Written by outgoing co-presidents Maansi Dasari and Bernardo Eilert Trevisan

This past year for Code Haven can be characterized in many ways. It was innovative, as we set out to translate the organization’s initiatives into their virtual equivalents. It was progressive, as we pushed forward and made progress on goals that we hadn’t previously devoted time to. It was also record-breaking, because despite all of these logistical challenges and adaptations, Code Haven in 2020 achieved our largest reach and membership to date. Our team of 65 mentors taught nearly 200 students across 8 virtual classrooms.

Throughout this journey, we —…

Because Code Haven is looking quite a bit different this year, Aaron and I, as curriculum directors of Code Haven, wanted to give another update about how the curriculum has transitioned to online school!

The technical goal for the semester has remained the same: to allow students to create a maze project of their very own! However, as a board, we wanted to re-emphasize the overarching, ultimate goal of Code Haven, which is to instill in the students a love of coding and the belief that anyone can code. Especially given the difficulties that come with adjusting to online learning, Aaron and I focused our curriculum design this semester on prioritizing the ultimate goal of fun and learning at least something as opposed to spending too much time on meeting technical benchmarks.

Logistically, our…

The transition from in-person to remote learning has certainly been tough — there’s no two ways around it. Technology’s unreliability has always been a concern in the classroom, but now there are more serious consequences, like a teacher’s faulty WiFi leaving an entire Zoom-room full of unattended elementary school kids. Those logistical difficulties are clear.

Beyond the baseline technical struggles, though, there lies another pressing problem. Kids aren’t equipped yet with all the communication tools that make life-at-home possible for most of us. You, reading through this blog post, know when to reach out to your professors and supervisors through…

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Last spring, Code Haven published all of our teaching materials online for the first time. We’ve been working on a curriculum for several years, but were always hesitant to publish it — we aren’t professionals, and we knew our work was not perfect. But, as the pandemic forced classrooms to shutter their doors, educational inequality skyrocketed. As a team, we decided that having access to a starter CS curriculum online was more important than ever.

However, we do not feel like our curriculum is a finished product. After every week, all of our mentors…

Hello all! To start off the semester of Code Haven with optimism, instead of talking about the finicky changes and issues we’ve dealt with on the rode to this Fall, I’m here today to showcase some of the positive changes as we move online for the Fall of 2020. Without any further ado, here are my top five Code Haven changes for this semester!

First off, as a classroom lead (and a lover of the environment), the move away from printing has been a great change for us. We’re saving tons of trees, and in the process, making our worksheets…

What Happened When a Club Built on Meaningful, In-Person Interactions Went Online

Most Code Haven mentors fall into the routine shortly after the semester begins: organization-wide mentor meetings on Sunday evenings at the Mann Center on Hillhouse Avenue, then, later in the week, they arrive at the bus stop with their fellow mentors with just enough time to catch a ride to their school. On the way there, mentors exchange worries about the unending stream of due dates from their computer science classes; on the way back, they try to discern the meaning of the newest middle school slang (“When they say Code Haven ‘slaps’…that’s a good thing, right?”). …

Taking inspiration from engaging mediums to heighten learning has been a part of Code Haven’s mission since its beginning. Creating our videos provides novel opportunities to engage students, but also exposes our curriculum to a broader audience.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the closing of schools, we at Code Haven have chosen to adapt our current curriculum to an even friendlier online format. In addition to preparing for synchronous online classes, we’ve also created a video team — who has converted the lessons into Youtube videos! Let’s hear what they’ve been up to!

With kids nationwide having shown a…

By: Gabriel Buchdahl

tl;dr: Check out our new curriculum, published online at!

Splash page for curriculum website!

Why Go Online?

Code Haven’s mission is to inclusively increase access to computer science education in middle schools. For the most part, this mission is realized through our classroom model. This year, we’ve partnered with 7 classrooms around New Haven, and every Friday, a team of 6–8 mentors goes into each classroom with a specialized curriculum. Throughout the semester, we cover the basics––if-statements, loops, variables, and the coordinate plane––and build to a final project, where students create an Android app to present at our end-of-term Project Fair.

Throughout the year, we have a few other events that help us achieve…

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